Zinc Chloride

Flaurea Chemicals's Zinc Chloride is particularly appreciated for its quality.

It is therefore much sought after for the manufacture of a wide range of dry batteries. Zinc Chloride’s constant quality allows the production of “green batteries”, which have no mercury content.

Zinc Chloride is also used by various chemical industries: for example, for making nylon, for the vulcanisation of cellulose fibres in paper making, for water treatment, for pharmaceuticals, and for surface treatment.

It is also used as raw material for the production of other Zinc salts, for PVC and Calcium-Zinc stabilizers in particular.

Flaurea Chemicals also proposes the production of  Zinc Chloride « chemically pure (USP-EP compliant) », this one is used in breweries, in making toothpaste among others, and as a chemical reagent in the case of a particular synthesis.


  • Zinc Chloride in powder form is available in UN-approved 25kg bags, and in 50kg and 200kg plastic barrels. 
  • Zinc Chloride in liquid form can be delivered in 1000-litre cubitainers or by tanker.
  • Other packaging can be available on request.

Flaurea Chemicals also produces Lead Chloride, which is a battery component  activated by sea water, used in particular in underwater detection devices.