Flaurea Chemicals's activities have always been enshrined in a strategy of customer assistance with, as a backdrop, a perfect harmonization in sustainable development.

The lead used for the synthesis of the PVC stabilizers comes partly from the recycling of car batteries. At end-of-life, the PVC (frames, pipes, profiles,...) is henceforth recycled in new applications.

The historical Zinc Salts production activity has for decades been founded on the recycling and treatment of its customer’s dangerous and toxic waste. In this context, it has developed a complete service partnership with them, in strict compliance with regional, national and European standards.

Flaurea Chemicals  is an approved operator of recycling installations for waste of this kind.

In 2010, it developed its environmental management system.  The simultaneous introduction of the 5S method has greatly improved the everyday operational management.

In 2011, Flaurea Chemicals has been certified for its environmental management system  according to the ISO 14001:2004 standard.