Safety at Floridienne Chimie

The safety and health of our staff and nearby residents are at the heart of the company’s concerns.

We do our utmost to achieve a “zero accident” status.

Thus, we constantly improve our production installations in order to make them safer for our employees.

Furthermore, the latter reinforce their skills thanks to the multiple training courses on safety and health that they are required to attend.

Once the knowledge has been acquired, it is directly used during the work.

Our employees, at every level of the company, have also learned to better manage their own safety by a specific program, which prepares them to analyse the risks related to some particular task better before actually performing it.  

The Flaurea Chemicals's staff therefore ensures its own safety.

But all the members of our staff also ensure that of our neighbours' safety is also preserved.

Indeed, even though the risk of incident remains very low, our operating teams are trained and drilled to face every accident scenario; and consequently to avoid any inconvenience for the neighbouring population. Stimulation exercises are also organised in collaboration with the external emergency organisations (firemen, medical services, police, and so on).

Our Ath site is characterised as a high-threshold SEVESO site, because, in particular, of our storage of ecotoxic substances. We indeed possess raw materials and finished products containing cadmium, lead (required to disappear in the years to come) and zinc.

As such, we have to review, every five years, our safety report in which all the accident scenarios for which our first intervention teams have practised are described.

This safety and health policy is periodically controlled and validated by the relevant authorities, at regional and national level alike.

As a SEVESO site, established in an urban environment, we always have to improve in order to follow the trend of the requests for all the parties involved (nearby residents, authorities, business relations and Flaurea Chemicals's staff).