Flaurea Chemicals, as a producer and an importer of chemical products and metals, is fully aware of the implication of the new regulations such as REACH and the CLP/GHS.

All the manufactured or imported substances that were supposed to be registered by 1st December 2010 have been registered on time. For several of them, Floridienne Chimie has played the Lead Registrant role. 

On the basis of chemical safety reports, the safety data sheets have been updated and sent to the treatment centre for poisoning cases and to customers in their own language.

The safety labelling of these substances has also been adapted in order to be in conformity with the CLP as from December 2010.

All new substances developed by Flaurea Chemicals are notified to the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) in the context of the PPORD (Product and Process Oriented R&D).

Flaurea Chemicals is a member of various consortia, such as the Cadmium REACH Consortium, the Zinc REACH Consortium and the Lead REACH Consortium, in order to make sure that the files are completed by toxicology and eco-toxicology experts. These Consortia also help us in the event of particular requests relating to dangerous substances.

An overview of the various Consortia’s activities can be accessed on the web at the following addresses:

Cadmium REACH Consortium:

Lead REACH Consortium:

Zinc REACH Consortium: