Company Profile

Flaurea Chemicals allies all the flexibility, creativity, and dynamism of an SME with the openness and the competitiveness of a company with strong international exposure and long tradition. Strenghtened by these assets, Flaurea Chemicals reinforces its positioning as European or world leader in its niche businesses relating to the production of non-ferrous metal salts.

The acquisition, in recent last years, of several companies in France and Germany are tangible proof thereof.

While continuing the development of applications mainly for accumulators and batteries (with Zinc, Lead and Cadmium salts), for surface coating (with Zinc salts) and PVC stabilisation (with Lead and Zinc salts), it provides tailor-made solutions that meet its customers’ needs, while being environment-friendly.

As such, Flaurea Chemicals, in synergy with the other subsidiaries of the Aurea group, is actively involved in the recycling of its customers’ applications and  residues.

By these actions, Flaurea Chemicals contributes to the sustainable development of its activities, in partnership with its customers.

The company is also committed to the REACH process and is ISO 14001 certified.