Ammoniacal Zinc Chloride and Florflux. Hot galvanization is a process that consists of immersing metal parts into a Zinc bath in fusion in order to give them a protective coating against corrosion. Flaurea Chemicals's fluxing salts need to be used in order to avoid the oxidation of the metal parts after pickling and before immersion into the molten Zinc. Hot galvanization finds many applications in the fields of cars, farm equipment, motorway safety barriers, building structures, and so on.

Zinc Chloride is used in the manufacturing of batteries without mercury, as raw material for the production of other Zinc salts, in the treatment of distributed water, and in the food and pharmaceutical field (Chemically pure quality).

Zinc Sulphate is used in agriculture as a trace element in animal feed, as a vulcanisation agent, as a chemical reagent and in state-of-the-art surface treatment applications. A USP quality is also available.